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Who are we?

The project aims at training young people on how to use photography to capture their moments, redirect their energies and relieve stress. Ultimately the project aims at ensuring that the young people’s mental health is sustained during these covid -19 pandemic moments. By the end of the 6-week program, the participants will be able to;
1. use photography to capture moments and expend excess energies
2. creatively make insightful and beautiful storytelling photographs
3. learn and inculcate values and lifeskills to carry us through life after covid.
4. Use photography to communicate their feelings, constructively to ease the frustrations and the stress
5. Document their stories using photographs in a journal/diary during covid 19 pademic

The Pilot Project

The Pilot project will enlist 15 participants aged between 14 and 16 who have an interest in Photography. They will be identified through an advert asking them to write a paragraph on their interest in photography and sending an image they have captured. Those short listed will then fill in an application forming committing them to the program with their parents’ consent. Those will go through the program will be expected to support the project in its growth as mentors to the young people. They should be team players with an interest in helping others. Be open minded and available during the training.

The Training Program

The course will take 6 weeks. It will be conducted virtually through zoom with 2 sessions each week lasting about an hour. The participants will be given weekly assignments that they will accomplish with the help of their tutors. The end product of the project is that each participant will have a portfolio of their stories per theme/mission which later on can be show cased in an exhibition.

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